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Global Observatory for healthy Sleep / What we do

The Global Sleep Observatory is a forum for debate on the study, research,  dissemination, teaching and promotion of the importance of healthy sleep.


One of the Global Sleep Observatory's primary goals is to understand the current state of sleep quality in society, in order to detect any shortcomings and to define improvement actions.


In the same vein, the Global Sleep Observatory aims to define tools for ensuring healthy sleep and to make them available to society




“To promote healthy sleep as an essential determining factor for health”





  • To promote and disseminate the virtues of healthy sleep
  • To advocate a change in the social perception of sleeping well
  • To encourage professional debate with a view to increasing awareness of the impact of sleep on a number of medical conditions
  • To promote studies related to healthy sleep and how to improve it
  • To support initiatives promoting better habits and which guarantee good sleep

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