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Barcelona Brain Health Initiative (BBHI)

Barcelona Brain Health Initiative (BBHI) is a research project led by Institut Guttmann with the support of Obra Social "la Caixa"  aimed to identify which elements help maintain brain health throughout life. A healthy brain is essential for quality life, to optimize their own resources and to prevent and delay the onset of disease.


The lifestyle of each person plays an important role in how the brain changes throughout life and evolve their mental abilities. For this reason, you can find tips to promote brain health grouped into seven different categories at BBHI’s website: cognitive training, physical exercise, nutrition, life plan, holistic health, socialization and sleep.


Observatorio Global del Sueño

The Global Observatori for Healthy Sleep was born to raise awareness about its key role in health and recovery in various pathologies

The platform will work with the purpose of knowing the current state of sleep quality to identify deficiencies and define improvement actions. The member entities will encourage the study, research, dissemination and promotion of good sleep habits...

Observatorio Global del Sueño

Presentation of the Global Observatori for Healthy Sleep

The presentation of the Global Observatori for Healthy Sleep took place on February 1st, a platform that aims to promote the study, research, dissemination, teaching and promotion of healthy sleep.

During the event the “Report on the report on sleep. The impact of good sleep on the health of people and the community” was presented by the journalist Antoni Bassas. A document that analyzes the impact of sleep from different perspectives.


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