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AD SALUTEM has developed this policy to inform you about what a cookie is, which ones we use on this website, and to help you administer them in your best interests.


As this is your first visit to our website, you are being informed of the existence of cookies and this cookies policy. On future visits, you will be able to consult our policy at any time in the “Cookies Policy” section at the bottom of the page.


By closing the original message and/or merely browsing the same you are consenting to the installation of informed cookies (unless you have modified your browser settings to reject cookies).


1. General information on Cookies:


A "Cookie" is a small text file that a website stores in the user's browser. Cookies facilitate the use and browsing of a website and are essential for Internet operation, providing innumerable advantages in the provision of interactive services.


Cookies are used, for example, to administer the user session (reducing the number of times you have to provide your password) or to adapt the content of a web page to your preferences.


Cookies may be for a single "session", whereby they will be deleted once the user leaves the website that generated them, or they may be "persistent", remaining on your computer until a given date.


Cookies may also be “own” or from “third parties”. The former are those sent to the user’s computer from a server or domain administered by AD SALUTEM, while “third-party” cookies are those sent to the user's computer from a server or domain administered by the suppliers of services contracted by AD SALUTEM (for example, the web analytics service, which is offered by Google).


This “Cookie Policy" has been prepared on the basis of an external audit and is subject to regular updates. The aim is to help you understand the use that this website makes of cookies, the purpose of the cookies used and the options users have to manage them.


The use of this website with the browser set to accept cookies implies the user's acceptance of the cookie technology used by the website.


2. Cookies installed by this Website:


Technical cookies for internal use

This website uses cookies for internal use which are essential for the operation of the website, such as, for example, those which make it possible to authenticate the user or prevent their session from expiring when browsing the site. Deactivating these cookies can hinder the proper operation of some of the functions of the website.


Analytical Cookies

This website uses analytical cookies to gather statistics on the user's activities on the website and the overall activity on the same. The information gathered makes it possible to optimise browsing our website and to guarantee the user the best possible service, by ascertaining, for example, the number of pages visited, the language used, the frequency and re-occurrence of visits, the time of visits and the browser used, among other aspects. The user may exclude his/her activity through the exclusion systems provided by the analytical tools or through the configuration of his/her browser.


The following applications are used to obtain this information:




SERVICE Google Analytics


FURTHER INFORMATION http://www.google.com/analytics/



3. Guarantees and Options Regarding Cookies


The user can, at any time, accept or reject the installation of cookies, or reject the installation of a certain type of cookie, such as advertising cookies or third-party cookies. Additionally, after each session, they can eliminate some or all of the cookies stored.


Thus the user can activate:

- private browsing, whereby the browser ceases to store the browsing history, website passwords, cookies and other information from the sites visited, or


- non-tracking function, whereby the browser asks the websites visited to not track the users browsing habits, in order, for example, to offer the user tailored advertising on the websites visited.


We recommend that you consult the help file on your browser to learn about the different options for managing cookies. It should be borne in mind that blocking cookies may affect some or all of the functionalities of our website. For your convenience, we now provide you with cookie help or configuration links for the leading browsers:


Microsoft Internet Explorer 11



Microsoft Edge



Apple Safari 8 (Yosemite)



Apple Safari 9 (El Capitán)



Google Chrome



Mozilla Firefox




The above links may be updated by the Companies developing said browsers. AD SALUTEM will make all reasonable efforts to keep the aforesaid list up to date. Notwithstanding the above, if any link does not work or has not been updated, you can go to your browser's "Help" menu.

If you want greater control over the installation of Cookies, you can install programs or browser add-ons, known as "Do Not Track" tools, which will allow you to select those Cookies you wish to allow.


4. Opting out of the installation of supplier Cookies


As indicated in the previous section, the User may, at any time, refuse the installation of a certain type of cookie, such as advertising or third-party cookies. Some of our supplies have a direct system for opting out of the installation of cookies.


Below you will find a list of suppliers and links:


Google Analytics



Bear in mind that if at any time you delete the cookies from your browser, your opt-out preferences for previous suppliers may be deleted, and you will therefore need to refuse their installation once again.



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